Morning Menu (8.00-10.00 am)

Ham and eggs/english (70g, 3 eggs)65 Kč
Ham and cheese toast, vegetables (2 pieces)65 Kč
Sausages with mustard (3 pieces)65 Kč
Garnished plate: Smoked ham, cheese, vegetables, butter(150g)65 Kč
Musli, Yoghurt, Jam (200g)65 Kč
Scrambled eggs with onion (3eggs)65 Kč
Pancakes with Jam (2 pieces)65 Kč
You can order Expresso with milk or tea with honey for fix price 25,- (only with breakfast Menu).25 Kč


New: Beet gusset with grilled cheese Halloumi, rucola with sesame seeds (70 g)89 Kč
Chopped Raw Salmon with dill and spring onion (70 g)94 Kč
Beef Sirlon Carpacio with rucola lettuce and parmesan stripes (70 g)115 Kč
Prawns grilled on garlic and white wine (70 g)115 Kč
Mozarella baked with parm’s ham placed on salad nest with balsamic reduction (100 g)89 Kč
Grilled Traditional Czech fresh cheese coverd in bacon with rucola lettuce (70 g)89 Kč
All Appetizers are served with baked baguette.


Tip: „Riding „Cabbage soup with sour cream served with fried garlic bread (0,33 l)46 Kč
Special garlic soup with egg, smoked ham, potatoes and bread croutons (0,33 l)42 Kč
Chicken stock with meat, noodles and vegetables (0,33 l)38 Kč

Home pots

Tip: „Riding „ Schnitzel coverd in potatoes dough,fries, spicy salsa (150 g)185 Kč
Pork stripes, homemade garlic-potatoe griddlecakes. (150 g)179 Kč
Beef goulash in pot, homemade stripes-made from garlic-potatoe griddlecake (150 g)159 Kč
Baked pork ribs with BBQ sauce, grilled tomatoes and steak fries. (400 g)185 Kč
Fried Pork/chicken cutlet, roasted potatoes with onion and bacon (200 g)179 Kč
New: Pork knee baked on Pilsner‘s beer, steak fries, mushrooms gravy (1 kg)199 Kč


Rarášci“ – pieces of chicken breast coverd in garlic- potatoe griddlecake, BBQ pork ribs, pork steak, chicken steak, baked pork knee, grilled fresh vegetables, grilled corn, baked potatoes, steak fries, 3 kind of sauces. (recommend-meal for 4 persons) (2,8 Kg)999 Kč


Parpadelle with fresh grilled Salmon, courgette, mashed tomatoes, mascarpone cheese, sprinkled with parmesan flakes. (400 g)159 Kč
Parpadelle with sauteed vegetables, dried tomatoes, basil pesto and grilled chicken breast, sprinkled with parmesan flakes. (400 g)159 Kč
Parpadelle with sauteed courgette, aubergine, pepper, green pea pods, dried tomatoes, garlic , basil pesto, sprinkled with parmesan flakes (400 g)159 Kč


Mixed lettuce with roasted bacon, poached egg, sprinkleed with parmesan flakes, baked baquette, flavored with ceasar dressing and served with:
- grilled chicken breast (150 g)165 Kč
- grilled fresh Salmon (100 g)165 Kč
- grilled Halloumi cheese (100 g)165 Kč
Mixed fresh vegetables with olives and feta cheese (200 g)75 Kč


Tartar Sirloin steak from young Bull , fried garlic bread (we can mix it up for you on your request. This dish it‘s from raw meat- it’s not heat cooked). (150 g)220 Kč
„Mix grill“ with fried vegetables, mashed parmesan potatoes, pepper sauce-flank steak, pork tenderloin, chicken breast. (300 g)265 Kč

Chicken meat

Grilled chicken breast with green pea pods, baby carrot, potatoes nest. (150 g)179 Kč
Tip: Chicken strips, covered in parmesan, mashed potatoes, yoghurt dip with chives (150 g)179 Kč
New: Sauteed chicken strips on spinach leafs with homemade garlic-potatoe griddlecakes, sprinkled with cheese. (150 g)186 Kč
„Rarášci“ –pieces of chicken breast coverd in Pilsner’s paste, mashed potatoes, spicy salsa (150 g)165 Kč
Chicken breast with grilled vegetables, baked potatoes (150 g)179 Kč
Gratinated chicken breast with dried tomatoes, basil and mozarella, baked potatoes quarters. 150 g186 Kč
Chicken skewer „Bukefalos“ with courgette and caramelized onion, potatoe ducats, tomatoes salsa. (150 g)215 Kč

Pork meat

New: Grilled pork chop with mustard sauce, baked slices of bacon, fried onion, baked potatoe quarters. (200 g)186 Kč
Grilled Tenderloin with pepper sauce, steak fries. (200 g)196 Kč
Filled Tenderloin with sage, dried tomatoes and parm’s ham placed on fried vegetables, mashed potatoes. (200 g)214 Kč
Tip: Pieces of Tenderloin with mushroom sauce, potatoes ducats. (200 g)196 Kč
Tenderloin shewer on sauteed spinach with corn and garlic, roasted potatoes with onion and bacon. (150 g)236 Kč

Beef meat

Mature Beef meats are served with green beans and bacon, 3 kind of sauces, steak fries. You can choose your delicious steak:
Beef Tenderloin steak from young bull (200 g)346 Kč
Beef Tenderloin steak from young bull (300 g)498 Kč
Flank steak (200 g)238 Kč
Rump steak (200 g)290 Kč

Chef’s Tip

Western steak - Beef Tenderloin steak from young bull, baked bacon, corn, sauteed champignon with onion, poached egg, steak fries, 3 kind od sauces.(300 g)569 Kč


Tip: Grilled Salmon steak covered in sauteed sesame seeds with lemon sauce, green asporagus, potatoes nest (200 g)222 Kč
Grilled salmon steak with sauteed vegetables,baked potatoes with garlic and rosemary, herbs dip with chive (200 g)222 Kč
Grilled Salmon with spinach leafs served with creamy provensal’s potatoes (200 g)222 Kč


Grilled vegetables with baked camembert cheese, herbs baguette (250 g)128 Kč
Fried cheese, fries, tartar sauce (100 g)110 Kč

For kids

Fried chicken „snowman“ mashed potatoes (100 g)75 Kč
Fried chicken „centipede“ , fries (100 g)75 Kč


Fresh pineapple grilled on rum and green pepper, served with vanilla ice cream69 Kč
Tiramisu-traditional italian desert from mascarpone69 Kč
Hot Rasberry with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream69 Kč
Strawberry puree with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream69 Kč

Snacks goes with beer and wine

Fried garlic bread served with grilled camembert cheese (100 g)78 Kč
Fried garlic bread served with grilled camembert cheese (70 g)56 Kč
Cold plate: camembert cheese, eidam cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella, parmesan , parm‘ ham, ham, sausage, olives, fresh vegetables, bread. (500 g)220 Kč
NPickled camembert with hot peppers served with bread (100 g)65 Kč
Pickled spicy sausage, bread (100 g)45 Kč
Nachos chips s guacamole / jalapeňo / tomato sauce (100 g)49 Kč
Marinated olives with chilli pepper (150 g)49 Kč
Fresh roasted almonds (100 g)59 Kč

Side orders

Baked baby potatoes with rosemary, garlic and sea salt (fried on pork lard) (200 g)39 Kč
Baked potatoes guarters (200 g)39 Kč
Mashed potatoes with onion (200 g)39 Kč
Potatoes ducats (200 g)39 Kč
Roasted potatoes with onion and bacon (200 g)39 Kč
Boiled potatoes with butter (200 g)39 Kč
Fries (200 g)39 Kč
Steak fries (200 g)39 Kč
Steamed rice (200 g)39 Kč
Grilled vegetables (200 g)45 Kč
Baked french baguette (1 ks)35 Kč
Basket with bread, baguette (1 ks)15 Kč
Tartar sauce, ketchup (60 g)18 Kč
Parmesan (20 g)25 Kč
Fried garlic bread (you can order only with tartar steak) (1 ks)8 Kč
Hot sauces (pepper, mushroom, tomatoe)32 Kč

Non alcoholic drinks

Pepsi Cola (0,25 l)34 Kč
Pepsi Cola light (0,25 l)34 Kč
Mirinda (0,25 l)34 Kč
7UP (0,25 l)34 Kč
Evervess tonic (závor; 0,25 l)34 Kč
Ice Tea Lipton (green, lemon, peach, 0,25 l)34 Kč
Toma (orange , apple, black currant, strawberry…)34 Kč
Red Bull (energy drink; 0,25 l)55 Kč
Toma Natura (still water,lightly/sparkling water, 0,3l)26 Kč
Carafe of water (lemon, mint, 0,8l)40 Kč


Pilsner Urquell lager (0,3 l / 0,5 l)28 Kč / 36 Kč
Gambrinus Excellent 11° (0,3 l / 0,5 l)20 Kč / 28 Kč
Birell, nonalcoholic beer (0,3 l / 0,5 l)18 Kč / 28 Kč


Wines by the glass - white (0,1 l)21 Kč
Wines by the glass - red (0,1 l)21 Kč
Wines by the glass - rose (0,1 l)24 Kč
Welding wines6 Kč


Cinzano (bianco, extra dry, rosso; 0,1 l)45 Kč
Crodino (nonalcoholic; 0,1 l)39 Kč

Port & Sherry

Royal Oporto ruby (4 cl)45 Kč

Sects & Champagne

Ch. C. André sekt (0,75 l)240 Kč
Möet&Chandon Brut Imperial (0,75 l)1.990 Kč
Dom Perignon (0,75 l)4.990 Kč


Absolut (4 cl)45 Kč
Finlandia (4 cl)45 Kč


Olmeca silver (4 cl)75 Kč
Olmeca gold (4 cl)75 Kč


Martell V. S. (4 cl)80 Kč
Rémy Martin Coeur De Cognac (4 cl)160 Kč


Metaxa 7* (4 cl)55 Kč
Metaxa 12* (4 cl)70 Kč


Jameson (4 cl)55 Kč
Chivas Regal (4 cl)100 Kč
Four Roses (4 cl)50 Kč
Johnie Walker Black Label (4 cl)110 Kč
Jack Daniel\'s (4 cl)65 Kč
Tullamore Dew (4 cl)55 Kč


Havana Club (4 cl)45 Kč
Havana Club 7 AÑOS (4 cl)80 Kč
Havana Club Seleccion de Maestro (4 cl)140 Kč
Captain Morgan (4 cl)55 Kč
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23yo (4 cl)120 Kč
Ron Zacapa Centenario XO (4 cl)360 Kč
Diplomatico (4 cl)140 Kč
Don Papa (4 cl)120 Kč


Rum Božkov (4 cl)35 Kč
Becherovka Lemond (4 cl)40 Kč
Becherovka (4 cl)40 Kč
Jägermaister (4 cl)50 Kč
Fernet Stock (4 cl)35 Kč
Puschkin (4 cl)35 Kč
Gin Beefeater (4 cl)50 Kč
Baileys (4 cl)50 Kč
Kahlúa (4 cl)50 Kč
Absinth (4 cl)50 Kč
Slivovitz (from plums) (4 cl)60 Kč
Slivovitz (from pears) (4 cl)60 Kč